365 Programs

We connect members from across Councils virtually and in-person throughout the year, here’s how:

Peer Coaching Calls

Peer Coaching Calls are designed to give senior leaders real-time and confidential input from non-competing peers. These calls are done via Zoom and are self-contained – members just show up and spend an hour learning and helping. These calls follow a very simple 3 part format: Context, clarifying questions, shared experience and advice.


We started this program to provide extra support during the Covid crisis & the agile nature of these calls has remained helpful. Roundtables allow for members to have a consistent space to brainstorm, think through challenges that have just surfaced, and oftentimes simply think out loud. The frequency of each group varies and the agenda is member-driven – set at the top of the call. 

Our list of active roundtables include:

Essential Services (banks and others on the front-lines)
Pivoting Companies (companies changing business model or product/service design)
B2B SaaS – Product
Digital Transformation
Global CX
CX Design
E-commerce Product Leaders
Customer Journey
Aging Parents w/Alzheimer’s or dementia
Data Science
Return to work – Post Covid
Startup Product Leaders
Journey to Retirement
African-American Women
Asian-American Women
Public Company CEO Roundtable
Financial Services Roundtable
Senior Leaders in Hypergrowth Companies

Webinars: CG Talks

We bring in experts or give members a platform to share information with and to field questions from our members. These happen 5-6 times a year and members can sign up via our monthly newsletter or our website.

Example topics include, “Agile 101,” “From LEGO blocks to robots: an innovation journey,” “Continuous Product Discovery: What it is, why it matters, and how you can get started,” “What is data science, really?” and others.

Click here for the archive of recorded webinars.

Small Dinners and Happy Hours

We help members to arrange these when they’d like to connect with and get to know peers in their local area and to build relationships across the community. Typically these small social gatherings are in cities, such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, DC, Denver, San Diego, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

If a member doesn’t happen to reside in any of those cities, they can request to join an existing dinner when they travel, or we can try to plan one in their area.

Like the rest of our programs, we handle the logistics, reminders, reservations, and calendar, members just show up, have an enjoyable evening connecting and everyone splits the check at the end.

Arc Leadership Assessment and Action Plan

As part of your membership, Collaborative Gain has teamed with Arc Leadership to bring members a three-part Assessment Program to assist in their growth as a leader.

This program helps leaders intentionally manage natural ‘blind spots’, especially under pressure/stress. Whether it’s more out of current working relationships or managing one’s own natural leadership style for better effectiveness, Arc Leadership offers a customized approach for each unique leader to tackle challenges in the workplace.