Team Bios

Anne Ashbey

Moderator: Product Council

Anne began first as a member having joined originally from Harry & David where she ran ecommerce. She’s also an alum of the Board of Directors, ran the nonprofit Ashland Independent Film Festival and today leads marketing at an Internet startup in San Francisco.

Anne says, “I moderate because I have worked across the product – marketing divide and love helping and learning from a great group of digital product leaders who include the customer when building great products.”

Barrie Markowitz

Moderator: CEO/Head of Online Retail Council

Barrie first came to the Councils in 2008 when she was Managing Director, Membership for the United States Tennis Association. Barrie continued as a Council member through 2015 and once she decided to start her marketing consultancy decided to become a moderator. Barrie consults for high growth companies creating marketing strategies, market segmentation and marketing plans.

Barrie says “I work for Collaborative Gain because I cherished my experience as a Council member and want to help others obtain the same benefit that I received.”

BJ Arnone

Operations and Finance

With decades of experience, BJ is responsible for operations and finance including, but not limited to, new member setup, the member renewal process, budgets, and accounting.

BJ says, “I work for Collaborative Gain because it is a pleasure to work alongside an enthusiastic group of smart, good people. The open exchange of ideas and thoughts among the team creates both a great work and learning environment!”

Britany Crown

Producer, The Councils

Britany produces 4 events a year for Collaborative Gain working to facilitate constructive and trustful environments for community members throughout the year.

Britany says, “I work with Collaborative Gain because everyday I have the opportunity to engage with incredible leaders and I consider it an honor to be a part of an organization that is creating meaningful impact in business, and taking a stand for collaboration and the human experience.”

Cat Fitzgerald

Moderator: Customer Experience/User Experience Council

Cat has been involved with Collaborative Gain and the Councils since the founding and is a well-known customer experience strategist and green business entrepreneur.

Cat says, “I moderate because I love my council members and enjoy seeing these customer experience leaders continue to help each other at every meeting.”

Charlee Riggio

Member Experience Coordinator

Charlee runs member experience for Collaborative Gain working to connect members and create opportunities throughout the year for them to share and learn from one another.

Charlee is responsible for client relationships – specifically, Peer Coaching Calls and various other member experience tasks geared towards helping Council members engage with the community.

Elizabeth Peaslee

Moderator: Product and Customer Experience Council

Elizabeth began as a founding member of the Councils having joined (and helped to start the first Council) when she was VP of Customer Experience at Travelocity. Elizabeth is a well-known customer experience strategist and is active in the community.

Elizabeth says, “I moderate because I know what it’s like to try to build a new and unfamiliar customer-centric discipline in an organization, and I think it would be crazy to miss out on an opportunity to participate in the sharing of ideas with some of the smartest people I know!”

Erica Johnson

Erica Johnson


Erica is the resident designer at Collaborative Gain. She designed our logo we all love and continues to lead the design of our brand including all our digital and printed materials. She’s a well-respected designer in the industry.

Erica says, “I work for Collaborative Gain because I thrive in a collaborative environment and believe the best creativity happens when working as a team.”

Jennifer Machiaverna

Moderator: Marketing Council

Jennifer runs one of our marketing councils – this one focuses specifically on digital marketing and the challenges marketing leaders face when working with new platforms, products, data inputs and consumer expectations. She was introduced to the councils through several of her professional mentors, all of whom participated in the Collaborative Gain community and instilled its principles in her own career development.

Jennifer says, “I moderate because I’ve seen first-hand the value of peer leadership and mentoring in practice. Having been introduced to this community very early on in my career, I’m proud to support it’s growth – there’s truly nothing else like it.”

Lynn Kahle

Moderator: Product Council

Lynn runs our first and longest-standing product council. An Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark, Lynn grew up in the United States but now resides in Europe (except when she’s running the retreats for her council). She received her PhD from Copenhagen Business School and her earlier degree from Texas A&M University.

Lynn says, “I moderate because it is a transformational experience to help and learn from very intelligent and interesting product leaders.”

Mary Baumgartner

Moderator: Customer Experience and GM Council

Mary began as a founding member of the Councils having joined (and helped to start the first Council) when she was VP of HBO Online. Mary is a well-known marketing and strategy executive.

Mary says, “I moderate because I loves the Councils – the conversations, the customer focus, the collaboration, and most of all the members.”

Maya Pacheco Image

Maya Pacheco

Moderator: Product Council

Maya is both a moderator and works with the Collaborative Gain team on Member Admissions. She began as a member from Autodesk and later Minted and is a passionate marketer, operations and customer experience executive.

Maya says, “I moderate because I love to help business leaders connect to share questions and insights with each other in pursuit of the best customer experience.”

Melissa Norcross

Melissa Norcross

Moderator: CEO Council

Melissa runs one of our GM councils – this one for CEOs or heads of large divisions at Fortune 500 companies. Melissa began as a member of one of our GM Councils and is today is a well-known strategy and finance executive having worked previously at McKinsey and P&G. She met Councils founder Phil Terry when they were both students at the Harvard Business School.

Melissa says, “I moderate because I believe passionately in creating environments where executives can come together to push one another’s thinking.”

Phil Terry

Founder and CEO

Phil started the Councils and Collaborative Gain with a group of Internet pioneers in 2002. He’s the co-author of “Customers Included” and has worked in the digital world since the early 1990s. Read  Phil’s full bio here. Phil helps run the company because he is an evangelist for asking for help as a leadership discipline (as well as for customer-inclusive business design).

Vidya Dinamani

Moderator: Product Council

Vidya is a product and innovation coach. She brings her deep executive experience of working with leading digital, B2B and consumer products to help both large product teams, and early stage startups create products that customers love

Vidya says, “I work for Collaborative Gain because I love being part of a group that is so passionate and committed to solving for the customer. Everyone involved with CG is open and generous in sharing their knowledge and experience. And it’s just plain fun getting to learn from incredibly smart and dedicated leaders from across the country.”