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We’re Growing! And we need YOU.

Are you a digital industry veteran with passion for customers? Do you have an innate “hospitality personality” that makes facilitating conversation between fellow executives a walk in the park? You just might be perfect!

Interested? Tell us about yourself.

Mary Baumgartner

I love moderating for Collaborative Gain. I leave every meeting so excited about the conversations, ideas, learning and commitment to each other all of the members make - it's my twice yearly boost of energy and inspiration.

—Mary Baumgartner, Moderator: Customer Experience and GM Council, Collaborative Gain

About Collaborative Gain

Collaborative Gain, a peer leadership network, started in 2002 by Harvard Business School alum Phil Terry, is looking for moderators for its new leadership Councils.

A Council is a small group of 15-20 customer-inclusive peers across industries who commit to helping each other. They meet twice a year, and pledge to support each other year round. Council members build lifelong friendships with each other and together develop an environment of trust where they help each other solve real business challenges, gain actionable insights and help each other grow as customer-inclusive leaders.

Melissa Norcross

“Being a moderator allows me to give back by helping seasoned executives grow their capabilities and build their organizations. In addition, it allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of business.”

—Melissa Norcross, Moderator: CEO Council, Collaborative Gain

What does the role entail?

Our moderators are industry veterans with extraordinary passion for customers and for helping executives learn how to ask for help and tap into the collective knowledge of their peers. Namely, they believe wholeheartedly in our values.

Many first began as members themselves and because they loved the experience so much they later decided to moderate and help grow the Councils.

The main responsibilities of moderators revolve around designing and running the agenda for two retreats a year for their council of 15+ leaders. We usually meet in the Spring and Fall in New York and San Francisco, though we’re experimenting with great cities like Chicago as well.

This is an independent contractor role with great learning and network building opportunities.

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If you are interested in joining our moderator team and running a council with senior digital leaders, then click the orange 'Get in Touch' link above and let us know why you'd be a great moderator.

Council Openings

We have openings today for moderators who will lead and help shape the following Councils:

– Chief Data Officers
– Directors of Data Science
– Growth Hacking
– Chief Design Officers
– Chief Strategy Officers
– Chief Revenue Officers
– Chief Customer Officers
– Chief Product Officers
– User Experience Leaders
– Customer Experience Leaders

Are you interested in becoming a moderator for Collaborative Gain?

Our first and most important criterion for anyone joining our team is whether you have a passion for helping executives—especially helping them learn from each other and from their customers (and not being a star yourself). We can’t provide that passion—you have to bring it.

We also look for domain expertise. Have you been a digital product manager? Have you run a digital business? This is important—but it’s 49% of the equation compared to the passion and sense of hospitality we talk about above (that’s the 51%).

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If you are interested in joining our moderator team and running a council with senior leaders, then click the orange 'Get in Touch' link above and tell us a little bit about yourself.