Austin Roundtable Discussions

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM – Roundtable Discussion (catered dinner)
7:30 PM – Cross-councils Opening Cocktail

For the past two years, we’ve been offering *optional* roundtable discussions the night before the Councils begins in earnest. These discussions act as a warm-up of sorts for your private Council sessions and have been very popular with our members. It’s a great place to meet other members with similar interests.

Below is the list of this Fall’s topics. TO REGISTER, PLEASE¬†CLICK THE BOLD TITLE for the roundtable you’d like to attend and sign up. Some important reminders:

  • These conversations are member-driven – please come ready to participate
  • We have limited space for each, so please only sign up if you can commit to attending
  • We heard you! Because these occur over the dinner hour, we’ve organized a catered dinner

Escape the Table! – Design Thinking Workshop
Council member Noel Holmes will conduct a fun, interactive workshop where participants will be challenged to “escape the table”. More than just fun, this workshop will discuss some key design thinking principles and use the¬†table game to show these principles in action.

Are you on the cusp of, in the midst of, or looking in the rearview mirror at a rapid business scaling initiative for a product that has just reached the market fit stage? Please join with fellow Council members for a highly interactive session to share challenges, thoughts, and critical lessons learned on the front lines. Come prepared to share must-read literature, org design considerations, tools, and best practices.

The Many Facets of Org Culture [Full – Waitlist Only]
Culture is hard to change and drives organizational responses to nearly everything. How do you lean into, deal with, address, or impact the culture while trying to accomplish various types of change initiatives? Topics of the evening might include:
– Change management: Driving an organization to work towards a culture that embraces uncertainty, experimentation, and learning. What does it really mean to change culture, can you do it in an already established organization?
– Empowering communication: Driving team morale and productivity through empowerment. Improving communications between departments/verticals such that the entire organization is well-informed.
– Diversity and Inclusion: How do you tie to business goals? Evaluating how style of leadership influences diversity and inclusion. Learning how others are truly building more diverse teams.
– Managing conflict: Effectively managing conflict to achieve your objectives.

Becoming an Advisor
Many are at a point in their careers where they’re looking to the next phase, potentially with more emphasis on giving back and advisory roles. Discussion topics for this roundtable, might include:
– Board Management for non-profit members
– Sitting on / serving on boards
– Transitioning to a second/senior act (consulting, boards, advisory roles) where you are less than 100% on any one thing

The Intersection of Data & Marketing
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) & customer data management, using data for precision marketing, qualifying & quantifying marketing spend, and the tools and tech that make it all possible.

The PM/CEO Relationship
How do you keep the CEO informed, yet out of the weeds. Are you walking the tightrope of having to be innovative, but still be laser-focused on execution? How do you communicate the progress of strategic priorities, the product roadmap to the CEO and their peers? How do you keep the PM/CEO relationship healthy?