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Membership includes access to our private online community which includes business leaders who are dedicated to helping each other build relationships that have an impact on your ability to lead and grow your business. Our service offerings are listed below.

The cost is $50/month. You can sign up [here].

If you have any questions, please email us at

CG Community services

Private Online Community
You’ll have access to our private online community website that has a member directory you can search and connect with members at companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Google, Warby Parker, and more.

Through the Community platform, you can also post questions (we call them ‘Requests for Help’) whenever they come up – these go out to all the members of our Councils community. Often within hours, you’ll receive thoughtful help from another member who has wrestled with similar challenges. See examples of recent Requests for Help.

Industry experts give talks on various topics – 30 mins of content, followed by QnA from members

Small dinners
These have been a big hit with our premium members. You can attend dinners with a small group of peers in San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, DC, Denver, Los Angeles, and San Diego. We do all the legwork of handling invites, getting a reservation, sending reminders, etc – you just show up, have a great conversation, ask some questions, and then split the tab at the end of the meal.

Note: If you don’t live or work near these cities, we encourage you to let us know when you travel to these cities.

Peer Coaching Calls
Another popular program, premium members come to us with sensitive, confidential but urgent questions and we find expert members and assemble them for a one-hour phone call aimed at coaching that member through their challenge. You will be invited to attend, give advice, or you can join in a learning capacity.

Leadership workshops
We are rolling out a program of leadership workshops based on our very successful leadership series – Rising Leaders – that we hold at Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, our next in May 2019. Called one of the best workshops available last year in a book about Buffett and the annual meeting, the workshop has gotten rave reviews from the co-founder of The Skimm, the CEO of Foursquare, a founding partner of First Round Capital, and many, many others.

As a Community member you get early bird access to register for these workshops. We are rolling out more in 2019.