Customers Included Documents

Thank you for inviting Phil Terry to speak.

Below is a simple checklist of items required plus files to download.

Simple Prep Checklist

    • Calendar invite
      • Please send Phil Terry ( a calendar invite for the talk with the exact address, name of contact person, and contact cell phone #
    • Download presentation files
      • Please download the files below and run them several days before the talk to confirm everything is working (and make sure to run the embedded video files)
    • Computer
      • Please provide a computer with speakers that can run the powerpoint and embedded videos (download below) and project the simple slides on to a screen viewable by attendees
    • Clicker – please provide a clicker for Phil to remotely advance the slides
    • Lapel microphone – please provide a lapel mic if microphone is required for attendees to hear
    • Books
      • Provide to BJ Arnone ( address for him to send copies of Phil’s book, Customers Included

Collaborative Gain Contacts

  • BJ Arnone (
    • BJ handles invoices, books, and can answer any logistics questions
  • Phil Terry (, 917.940.5392)


CG Team