Spring Council Meetings and Covid-19

We are following CDC/WHO recommendations, corporate travel policies, what other conferences are doing, *and* our members advising us.

We are still planning for our meetings in Omaha April 28-30 but will, of course, keep members informed as things evolve (and we are working on Plan B – virtual meetings+ other stuff).

*And* we are doing more to help you help each other during this crisis:

  • Covid19 Business Impact Survey
    We just launched an all-member survey on Covid19 and the business impact. We’ll do a quick analysis and get the results out to all members as soon as we can.
  • Flash Roundtables
    If you want to get together with other members on a topic related to managing through this crisis (or anything else that might be urgent), then let us know. For example, over the weekend a few CEO members asked if we could quickly convene a roundtable of CEOs/Presidents helping each other think through business disruption challenges.

      • CEO Flash Roundtable happened March 3. Here’s a summary.
      • Large company Flash Roundtable happened Friday, March 6.
  • Flash CG Talks
    We are beginning to program a number of Flash CG Talks dealing with this crisis. Here are two and more will be added:

      • Economic Impact of Covid-19 with Whitney Tilson, Tue, Mar 10 at 4pm ET.
      • Best (and worst) Practices of Running a Remote/Work-from-Home Workforce, Fri, Mar 13 at 12pm ET
  • RFH Discussion Board
    If you have a specific question or topic that you’d like to discuss around the Coronavirus, please feel free to post an RFH about it and to tap into the collective wisdom and experience from our members and broader alumni community.

Remember: you should never walk alone in your professional journey, especially now during this crisis.

Phil and the CG Team