Helping Human Resource Leaders Help Others

Are you seeking new tools, customized experiences and offerings to help your employees grow?

Today’s competitive marketplace requires that companies constantly evolve in order to succeed.

Companies need talented leaders that want to grow, expand their competencies, and ask for and give help.

The employee leaders under your stewardship are looking to you for the help they need.

We realize it is often a challenge for human resource leaders to find the right customizable and cost effective environments and services that can facilitate and promote the growth of the staff and leaders they are helping grow.

That is why we founded Collaborative Gain over 15 years ago.

What is Collaborative Gain?

We bring together the best and the brightest from all industries in highly structured, customized, non-competitive, peer-oriented environments.

We know from firsthand experience that gaining insights from non-competitive peers in a confidential setting, building solid and expansive networks, and developing long-term friendships results in professional growth, increased success, expanded effectiveness, much needed new skills and a newly honed ability to ask for help.

Results that you need for your company and the outcomes you seek for the leaders under your care.

How does it work?

Our environment and framework deliver results while respecting time constraints and professional commitments.

  • Each specialized peer council is led by an experienced facilitator who curates your employee’s one-on-one experience.
  • The facilitator guides the council meetings and agenda formation to ensure a safe and enabling environment and assists in delivering the results your leaders seek.
  • The agenda formation process gives members the opportunity to frame their “ask for help” and ensures specific needs, situations and/or issues are surfaced.
  • Each council member is welcomed into a year-round experience focused on expanding their network, getting top-of-mind insight from industry leaders, and participating in local events to strengthen bonds and relationships.

Our community is over 300 members strong, representing companies like Google, Airbnb, USAA, TripAdvisor, Consumer Reports, Charles Schwab, American Express, and many more.

Want to learn more?

Schedule time with Maya Pacheco, Head of Member Admissions, to learn more about how Collaborative Gain can help you help those under your stewardship.

We offer both individual and group memberships that ensure you have the resources you need when you need them.

“The quality of my fellow Chief Product Officers on my council is terrific – I get more help in two days from them than from weeks or months of consultants or conferences.”— Confidential Member, VP Product, HotelTonight


What is expected of members of a Collaborative Gain Council?

  • Ability to be “present” and actively listen and participate
  • Willingness to ask peers for help and be humble
  • Desire to be empathetic and supportive in an environment of trust
  • Dedication to show up, participate and help fellow leaders
  • Capability to be open about what works, what hasn’t, and share any mistakes
  • Commitment to grow as a leader

“Despite my hectic schedule, I prioritize my participation year after year because it’s the most valuable thing I do outside the office (and with the long-term participation of my fellow members we keep deepening our learning and knowledge as time goes on).”

— Confidential Member, SVP, Product, Constant Contact


Want to explore whether membership makes sense for your employees?

Drop us a note and schedule time with Maya to find the help you need to help those under your care.

Still want to learn more?

Review our values, our list of benefits, or view samples of past Council Agendas along with the list of companies aligned with the value Collaborative Gain generates.

Or read what our members have shared about their own experiences with the Collaborative Gain.

Learn how Collaborative Gain can help you help others.

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