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“I get more value from my Marketing Council in 1/2 a day than I get from a month of other conferences. No BS. Just product leaders trying to help and learn from each other.”

– Chief Marketing Officer

It’s difficult to find unique or innovative leadership development solutions for high potential employees.

That is why we are here.

  • Promotion isn’t always an option.
  • Time is a premium and real deadlines often prevent ‘stretch’ projects or assignments.
  • Conferences can be inefficient with intangible benefits or results.
  • Your leaders want experiences that offer immediate value to their specific needs.
  • You need a solution that consistently delivers and doesn’t blow your budget.

Hundreds of leaders rely on us.

Product Council Meeting in Chicago, 2017 Image

Product Council, April 2017

For over 15 years, Collaborative Gain has been bringing leaders together in confidential, customized, non-competitive Councils to quickly get help from, be inspired by, and to have an authentic connection with their peers, which is so hard to find in our fast-paced world.

We have Councils for C-Suite leaders including CEOs, CMOs, GMs, COOs, CTOs, CROs, CHROs and for leaders of one or more functions including Product, Marketing, Technology, Operations, Data Science, Customer Experience, User Experience and more.

We started in 2002 with companies like Google, Amazon, Travelocity, and have grown our diverse community of leaders across industries, business models, company size and locations across the U.S.

Leaders rely on us to help them connect and learn from each other so they have more confidence in their decision making and more creativity in their solutions to business challenges.

How does it work?

We make it easy for your leaders to tap into the wisdom of this carefully curated community throughout the year:

  • All members are placed on a Council of carefully selected peers, based on experience and focus within the organization
  • Each Council has 15-20 members
  • We convene all of our Councils (we have 20+) twice a year for highly customized two days of in-person meetings
  • The agenda for each meeting is set by the Council members – focused on current challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned (mistakes are often the hidden gems to learn from)
  • Each Council has an experienced facilitator that leads the agenda setting and facilitates the meetings
  • In between the meetings, the facilitator and the Collaborative Gain team help members access the wisdom of the whole community virtually and locally when they need it via:
    • Virtual roundtables – where we moderate a discussion with 3-4 experts on any question they have (they give us the question, we handle all the logistics – find and recruit the right experts and all they have to do is show up)
    • Small local dinners & happy hours across the U.S. where members connect in an intimate group size and setting
    • Private online community with thousands of questions and answers
    • Webinars – often led by members who share something others want to learn about

What do our Councils discuss?

This is a community where members can collaborate with smart peers on everything and anything.

Topics/themes have included:

  • How do you know you’re building the right product?
  • Establishing a career path for my team(s)?
  • Approaches for managing stakeholders (or CEO) – managing up, across, and down
  • Challenges of marketing global products?
  • AI, Jobs to be Done (JTBD), analytics, etc.?
  • And a lot more…

See some sample agendas from some of our Councils.

What do current members say?

product council members image

Product Council, October 2017

“Despite my hectic schedule, I prioritize my participation year after year because it’s the most valuable thing I do outside the office (and with the long-term participation of my fellow members we keep deepening our learning and knowledge as time goes on). – SVP Product

“The quality of my fellow Chief Analytics Officers on my council is terrific – I get more help in two days from them than from weeks or months of either consultants or conferences.” – VP Analytics

What is expected of our members?

  • Time commitment: twice a year for two days (activities throughout the year are optional)
  • The ability to be “present” and actively listen and participate
  • The willingness to ask peers for help and be humble
  • The ability to be open about what works, what hasn’t, and share any mistakes
  • The commitment to grow as a leader

Sound like something your leaders could benefit from?

Drop us a note and schedule time with Maya Pacheco, Head of Member Admissions, to learn more and explore current Council options/openings.

Still want to learn more?

Review our list of benefits or view a sample agendas along with the companies who sponsor their leaders to join Collaborative Gain.

Or read what our members have shared about their own experiences with the Product Councils.