We have a set of technologies for Moderators to use to perform their job and to remove the administrative burden where possible. Including:

Scheduling meetings with members

  • Calendly – all Moderators are set up with an account in Calendly, this tool helps you to communicate with members about your availability and enables them to select a time that works. Once a time is selected, you can set up Calendly to send you and the member meeting invites and to send reminders before the meeting.

Council conversations

  • Zoom – all Moderators have a Zoom account, we use Zoom for all of our video council calls
  • Email alias – each Council has an email alias, for example, Council 1’s email alias is
  • Slack – we use Slack to communicate internally and some Moderators also use it to enable their Council to communicate with one another.
  • Posted Items section of CGCouncils website – each Council can upload/share documents on their Council page. These items are only visible to the Moderator and members of the Council.

Cross Council conversations

  • RFH Board – all Members have access to our RFH board and can post non-sales or job search related questions or requests for help.
  • Peer Coaching Calls (not a technology) – Members can request a Peer Coaching Call anytime their immediate Council is not suited to help them think through a challenge. At times, having leaders who are in the same industry, business model or other niche circumstances is important to getting the best advice. If your members want to learn more about these, please connect them with Charlee Riggio.