Speak to the Councils?

We’re always looking for great leaders and experts to speak to our Councils community on a variety of topics spanning general leadership, product, UX, CX, HR, DE&I, culture, and others, and practitioner/skill-builder type sessions are always well-received.

If you would like to speak to the Councils, or would like to suggest a speaker, please submit info here, and scroll to the bottom of the form for more info on how it works.

  • Please provide a link to an example of a past speaking engagement.

We typically offer a live session that 30-100 or our members will attend, and then offer the recording afterward to those who couldn’t. We’re happy to share that recording for your portfolio if you would like. Members are generally senior leaders from the digital world including a mix of startups like Dynamic Yield, publicly-traded companies like AppFolio (one of the top B2B SaaS companies), and larger firms like Amazon, IBM, Comcast, Microsoft, Airbnb, and many others.

To get a sense of how they’re run, you can see our upcoming sessions here, and, our archive here.

Sessions are usually an hour, and consist of an intro by someone from CG HQ (often our CEO, Phil), followed by roughly 30 minutes of content (your part!) and ends with about 20-25 minutes of QnA. We ask that you join the production team for 15 minutes prior to broadcasting to make sure everyone’s audio and visual, and screen sharing is working as intended. We also run a content check call several weeks before the event to customize the session.

No, we do not pay speakers. We’ve had many speakers over the years from Dan Arielle to Seth Godin to members of our own community like Marissa Mayer and others. Many have found it worthwhile for its potential to lead to further speaking opportunities within our member orgs.