In Search of…Kai Ryssdal and the Amazon Echo?

Last Thursday, I finally found NPR Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal after a long year of looking. Where was he? Why did I spend a year trying to find him? I’ve been on an odyssey for the last year to find Kai Ryssdal via the Amazon Echo – the product with a conversational interface (also sometimes… Read more »

Xerxes and Reed Hastings walk into a bar…

2,500 years ago, Xerxes — King of Kings, Emperor of the Persians — invaded Europe with a large army determined to subjugate the upstart, independent Greeks. He failed miserably. About five years ago, Reed Hastings — CEO of Netflix and a kind of modern-day King of Silicon Valley — embarked on a campaign that almost destroyed his company. Hastings raised the prices of… Read more »

Offroad with Robots?

In late September, I visited Consumer Reports’ Test Track to see firsthand how Tesla’s Autopilot technology performs. I wanted to know why Consumer Reports first granted to Tesla and then removed the highest car rating they had ever given. I also wanted to better understand the fatal crashes that have happened recently with drivers using… Read more »

The MP mindset

If you want to be an effective leader in this uncertain world, then you need to cultivate what I call the MP mindset – i.e. the ability to see from and understand – though not necessarily agree with – multiple perspectives (MP). How do you cultivate the MP mindset? There are several ways to do… Read more »

The Customer Obsessed Shoe Dogs

Philip Knight’s new memoir, Shoe Dog, is a good read (or listen – the Audible version is quite good). There’s a lot to learn from the founder and former CEO of Nike, Philip Knight – including how having a major wind at your back helps (the post-war reconstruction of Japan combined with the suddenly new… Read more »