Collaborative Gain

How are The Councils Unique?


We recruit the right people with the right experience.


We place each member on a Council.


We separate competitors.


We hire great moderators to run each council.


We create trust: so you can learn fast

The Councils are incredibly valuable. Every executive that qualifies should join.

—Aisling Hassell, Airbnb

                                                                                                                                 Sample Agendas

This isn’t a conferenceSample Product Council Agenda

A Council is a small group of 15-20 non-competitive peers with similar experiences and seniority, but who come with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

This is a passionate community of leaders

Each Council is led by an independent, experienced moderator—someone who cares, who has real industry expertise, a large dose of customer passion, AND who makes it easy for members to ask for and give help to each other.

Each year, members attend two retreats where they meet with their individual council group, guided by their dedicated moderator. Attending these retreats is the heart of the experience and what members tell us they love the most.

Customized agendas are created for each retreat collaboratively between moderator and council members. Moderators conduct one-on-one interviews with each member before the retreats to understand recent successes and current challenges, and structure high-impact and topical agendas that address the most pressing issues faced by members.


Council Events

  • October 10-11, 2017 - Council Meetings (San Francisco)

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Customers Included

Phil Terry is the CEO of Collaborative Gain and co-author of Customers Included. Across the world, Phil has given hundreds of talks at startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everywhere else that people care about great customer experiences and humble leadership.

Phil also writes regularly where he shares insights and stories about leadership, great customer experiences, and how to ask for help.