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Invite Phil Terry to speak–one of Fast Company’s “100 leaders shaping the 21st century.”

“I wish I'd read this 10 years ago! That’s how great it is.”

—Alan Webber, Co-founder, Fast Company

“Phil Terry gave a terrific presentation.”

—Paula Kerger, CEO, PBS

“A valuable investment of time.”

—David Rabkin, EVP, American Express

"Phil will inspire your audience.”

—Charlie Herrin, Chief Customer Officer, Comcast

Widely praised by CEOs, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and leaders from a range of companies, Phil Terry delivers practical and passionate keynotes and workshops designed to inspire your companies and teams.

Phil’s talks include:

  • Customers Included – the classic talk on Phil’s classic book
  • AI and the Customer Experience: The 20 Year Curve – Phil’s newest talk based on his insights into the evolving world of Machine Learning.
  • The Mathematics of Customer Experience – First delivered to Danny Meyer’s team at Union Square Cafe, this talk helps reframe the power of customer experience

Are you interested in inviting Phil to speak? Review the video clip below, the brochure above, read some more endorsements, or scan some more details below the video.

Watch a 3 Minute Video About Phil’s Talk

Phil as a speaker

Phil has delivered hundreds of speeches since his first keynote in 1996 including more than 200 Customers Included talks in the last 3 years alone to companies ranging from Apple to Google, Walmart and Warby Parker.

If you want more information on Phil’s background, read his bio here.


Phil is an experienced storyteller who creates engaging discussions for any audience:
  • Fireside chats with senior management
  • Keynotes at public conferences or large private company events
  • Off-sites and leadership retreats

Audience sizes

Invite Phil to speak to all kinds of audiences:
  • 20 to 20,000
  • CEOs and Boards of Directors to broad cross-sections of companies
  • Silicon Valley to San Antonio to south of London
  • Internet startups to Fortune 500 companies
  • CEO Summits to large public conferences

He’s versatile and believes everyone across the business landscape should learn how to listen to, learn from and include the customer—and he brings his passion and years of learning to every audience he speaks to.


Phil’s fees vary depending on the talk (the classic Customers Included talk is the lowest priced). Note: Council members typically get a 50% discount on Phil’s speaking fee.

In addition to the fees, companies also pay travel costs including business class airfare and hotel.

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Some of the Companies where Phil has Spoken

Phil has delivered keynotes and talks to hundreds of companies and conferences including:

See the full list of companies and conference venues that have hosted Phil to speak.

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Schedule a 15 minute conversation to see if bringing Phil in to speak could help you inspire your company and teams.