Collaborative Gain helps leaders who care about customers learn from their peers—in a context of trust.

Our primary service is the Collaborative Gain Councils founded by Phil Terry in 2002, then CEO of Creative Good, with other Internet pioneers like Marissa Mayer, then of Google, Elizabeth Peaslee, then head of product for Travelocity, and others.

We have a great team including our moderators.

We run the following councils:

  • Product Councils
    (Chief Product Officers, VPs of Product and Directors)
  • CEO/GM Councils
    (CEOs, COOs, and senior GMs including CMOs)
  • Customer Experience Councils
    (Chief Customer Officers, VPs of Customer Experience)
  • Strategy Councils

What does it cost?

Membership is $7,700 a year (with a one-time on-boarding fee for new members of $1,300) and is typically paid by your company.

Learn more about our Councils.

You can also invite founder, Phil Terry, to speak about his book, Customers Included, view a video of his speaking, or read our blog.

Learn more about our core philosophy in the book, Customers Included, the Harvard Business Review article by Phil Terry, Who Can Help the CEO?, or Phil’s TEDx talk.

Also, read more about our values and why we do this and see our team and what it takes to be a moderator.

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