Executive Councils

Membership Requirements

  • C-level executive, accomplished VP, or equivalent executive leadership role within your organization
  • Asking for help ethic – our community is built on the discipline of asking for help from smart peers and career coaches. When you ask for help well, you grow yourself and drive impact for customers, employees, and shareholders

With a few exceptions (CEO Councils, for example) we do not allow consultants or agencies.

Launched in 2002 with Amazon, Google, and Travelocity, most members (see members and testimonials) come from the software/digital world.

What You Get: Peers and Careers

Collaborative Gain combines learning from Peer Leaders with learning from CG Career Coaches, which means that this community helps you every step of the way.

Every question. Every challenge. Every opportunity.

  1. Peers – Leaders helping Leaders
    Real-time tactical and strategic help from non-competing peers that help you make better, faster decisions.

  2. Careers – CG Career Coaches
    Ongoing access to a CG Career Coach – typically, an executive with many years of work experience, and with years of training in the CG Career methodology (including tools and approaches outlined in our books).

We deliver these benefits in multiple ways starting with your Council.

Your Council: A Peer Advisory Board

As a member, you will be placed on a council with non-competing peer leaders at other companies.

Today, we run:

  • Product Councils (for product and technology leaders – we have groups for Directors and VPs, and others for VPs and SVPs)
  • C-Level Councils (for Chief Product Officers, Chief Marketers, GMs, Presidents, and other C-Level leaders)
  • CEO Council
  • Customer Experience Councils (for VP/CXO
  • UX Councils (for Directors and VPs

Here are some sample agendas and again some member testimonials.

Your Council meets monthly via Zoom and twice-a-year in person for our bi-annual retreats.

Each council is led by an experienced moderator, most often a longtime member who has done your job, and who works with you to help you tap into the power of your peers.

“The quality of my fellow Chief Product Officers on my council is terrific – I get more help in two days from them than from weeks or months of consultants or conferences.”

—Amanda Richardson, VP, Product, HotelTonight

Peers Across Councils – The 365 Program

In addition to your Council, you CG membership comes with access to the 365 Program, which provides access to peers across our whole community (including our many alums) who can also help you make better, faster decisions.

Peer Coaching Calls™(PCC)

If you need help from experts in a key area, or you want career advice from leaders doing the job you want, then we’ll run a one-hour high impact sessions with just the right experts to help.


We run cross-council roundtables on a large range of topics – everything from B2B Product, to Women on the road to the CEO.


If you need a question answered now, then you can post an RFH (request-for-help) that goes out to our private community of active members and alumni. Within hours, you’ll receive thoughtful help.

Career Coaching & Outplacement

You will also get a Career Coach trained in our Longitudinal Career Development Program.™

With your coach, you will develop a multi-year career plan. Then your coach will help you turn that plan into reality.

Your CG membership also comes with outplacement services that kick-in if you lose or leave your job.

Our program, which we outline in Never Search Alone, is designed for the 21st century economy.

What does membership cost?

  • $8,500 a year


  • $1,400 – a one-time onboarding fee for new members – in their first year only (note: returning members do not pay this)

Want to learn more?

We understand the power of a great customer experience — and we work to create such an experience for our members. Read more about our values why we do this by downloading our brochure! If you’re interested in joining & want to connect w/ one of our team members, start by applying here.

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