Warren Buffet Reading Group

Summer 2022 Program (apply here)

Taught by Harvard MBAs with executive roles in business and finance

One night a week for six weeks

Sunday nights Jun 12 — Jul 24 (skipping week of Jul 4)

7pm NYC time, 90 minutes via Zoom

For high school & college students


Warren Buffett shareholder letters (we read six
of them, one per week)

Questions designed by Harvard MBAs for each of
the letters

To apply

Students go to this Google form to fill out the online application form

The WBRG team will then reach out to the students to inform them of admission (or of placement on a waiting list due to demand) 


Free to high school and college students

Note: all materials are freely available online including Warren Buffett’s shareholder letters, which can be accessed via the Berkshire Hathaway website (Internet access required)


Students in high school and college (minimum age of 15 or older)

Able to participate in a Zoom class – i.e., computer with camera and Zoom 

No previous business or finance training required

Online application from each student stating they will do the homework and be present for each class 


All students are welcome and we strive to maximize diversity of each 12 student section, aiming for:

50%+ female students

33%+ students of color, or indigenous


Six weeks once a week starts Sun, Jun 12 at 7pm NY time and runs through Jul 24 (skips the week of Jul 4)

See learning objectives and short teacher bios on the next page.

Student Testimonials

Learning about finance opened my eyes to something new, interesting, and applicable to whatever I choose to do in life. I also met a lot of fun and interesting students from across the country in the process.

Alexi S., Sophomore, High School in California

The WBRG exceeded my expectations. This class gave me some key tools for success, and I highly recommend it for high school and college students!

Maslyn P., Senior, University of Virginia

The WBRG course was a great learning experience that not only taught me smart business and life advice but prepared me for my first year of college.

Luke S., Freshman, Baylor University

Learning Objectives

We aim to introduce all students to some timeless basic lessons about business and finance.  

Our Approach

We use a modified case study method. 

Every week students read a Warren Buffet shareholder letter and answer one question for class.

Then in the live Zoom session the teacher calls on each student to present their question (and ask any questions). Every student presents every week. 

Summer 2022 Registrar

McKenzie W. 

A veteran of the summer and yearlong WBRG classes, McKenzie loves the program and will be the registrar for the Summer 2022.  “Hey everyone! My name’s McKenzie and this summer I will be a rising junior at Phillips Academy Andover. I love learning about math, computer science, and business, of course! My hobbies include fencing, photography, reading, and watching anime. I hope to see you in class!”

Teacher Bios

Melissa Norcross, PhD 

In addition to her Harvard MBA, Melissa has a PhD in leadership. She has held CFO and strategy roles for a range of companies including her current stint as head of corporate strategy for financial services firm, USAA. Melissa has also taught at the Naval PostGraduate School and has served as US Naval Academy Class of 1967 Leadership Fellow. She has lived and worked in five separate countries and has written articles and book chapters on teamwork  and transformational change.

Phyl Terry

Phyl is the founder of The WBRG, and by day is the CEO and founder of Collaborative Gain, a leadership community for digital executives. He also runs his own private investment fund. 

Every year, Phyl brings groups of CEOs out to Omaha for a private workshop and for the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. He holds a Harvard MBA and is the author of books about customer experience, career development, and contributed to The Warren Buffett Shareholder: Stories from inside the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting.

David Wagonfeld

David is a Partner at Tandem Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and before that spent more than a decade as a partner at value investing hedge fund, Standard Pacific Capital. David has a passion for education and youth development, and, among other things, sits on the Board of Directors of Americans for Ben Gurion University. David also has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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