‘Best Practices in Recruiting Black Professionals’ – Head of DTC Talent Acquisition for WarnerMedia – Mon, Aug 10 at 1:30pm ET

This talk has now ended, and we cannot share a recording. However, see below the description for a list of resources recommended by Roz!

Roz Francuz-Harris has graciously agreed to come and spend some time with the Councils to talk about best practices in hiring black professionals and people of color.

She’s both the Head of DTC Talent Acquisition for WarnerMedia *and* the Founder and CEO of a popular podcast and events company, Y’All Hiring?, as well as a nationally-recognized expert on recruiting African Americans, people of color, and LGBTQ people.

Before working for WarnerMedia, Roz was a recruiting leader at Slack, Uber, and IBM, among other companies. She’s also a Board Member of Lesbians Who Tech + Allies | Queers. Inclusive. Badass.


– Y’All Hiring – Roz’s podcast


– Next Play Community


– Diversity Audit Firms:

1. Awaken: https://www.visionawaken.com/

2. Paradigm: https://paradigmstaffing.com/

– Conferences:

AfroTech: https://experience.afrotech.com/https://afrotech.com/

Black Is Tech: http://blackistechconference.com/

NextPlay: https://www.nextplaycommunity.com

– Interview Platform 

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