No Excuses: Building a 60% Female Tech Company

At the recent Collaborative Gain Councils meetings in San Francisco we were honored to have Ellen Pao as one of the General Sessions keynote speakers. Executive, investor, board member – and now a leader in the global movement for inclusion and diversity. By having Ellen speak we hoped to inspire our members to look critically… Read more »

Beat Apple and Google using JTBD

Companies today are increasingly customer-centric, which sounds like and is a good thing. But there’s more than one way to focus on the customer. Instead of trying to understand who your customer is through focus groups, surveys, and market research, approach your customer’s need from a different angle: what job does my customer want to… Read more »

Wrap-up of Councils’ week in SF!

What a week! We had a great Councils’ week in San Francisco earlier this month. Product Councils, CEO Councils, CX Councils, UX Councils, Strategy, Marketing, Data Science, HR & The Employee Experience: Hundreds of leaders met in small councils to ask for help and give help to one another. Check out what one Chief Product Officer… Read more »

What does the Holocaust mean today?

At the end of Councils week last Thursday in San Francisco, I took a group of members, friends, high school classmates, college and business school pals out to the premiere of an important play, The Obligation. The challenging play by my dear friend Roger Grunwald – talented actor, writer, and son of an Auschwitz survivor – deals… Read more »

Product roadmapping sucks (but…)

Product managers mostly hate roadmaps and CEOs mostly like them. As a result of this disconnect, companies often put time and money into their product roadmapping software and thereby take it away from actually creating and delivering great products for customers. My longtime friend Marty Cagan proposes alternatives to roadmaps for this reason. I see typical product… Read more »