What does the Holocaust mean today?

At the end of Councils week last Thursday in San Francisco, I took a group of members, friends, high school classmates, college and business school pals out to the premiere of an important play, The Obligation. The challenging play by my dear friend Roger Grunwald – talented actor, writer, and son of an Auschwitz survivor – deals… Read more »

Product roadmapping sucks (but…)

Product managers mostly hate roadmaps and CEOs mostly like them. As a result of this disconnect, companies often put time and money into their product roadmapping software and thereby take it away from actually creating and delivering great products for customers. My longtime friend Marty Cagan proposes alternatives to roadmaps for this reason. I see typical product… Read more »

Is Uber the real villain here?

The New York Times this morning published this article – “Taxi Medallions, Once a Safe Investment, Now Drag Owners Into Debt“ – asserting that Uber, Lyft, and other ride-hailing apps are hurting yellow taxi drivers. This article is of particular importance to me. Why? I run a leadership network of Internet companies, which includes firms like Lyft and… Read more »

Steve Jobs and the Power of Ignorance

“A wise king knows what he knows and what he doesn’t.” (Game of Thrones) (1) Steve Jobs knew too much in the first iteration of his career. That is part of why he failed, according to biographer and longtime tech journalist, Brent Schlender. Schlender is the author of Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless… Read more »

The Diaper War & Amazon Whole Foods

One of the benefits of running The Councils over the last 15 years – a private leadership network of Internet executives that I founded – is that I get to learn the stories behind the stories. And the diaper war behind the Amazon Whole Foods deal is case in point. You won’t see this much… Read more »