The Product UX Smackdown – Part 1

In almost every company, there’s tension between Product and UX. The UX folks often feel undervalued while the Product folks feel like UX leaders aren’t realistic and connected to the pressures they are under – especially in an agile world. Here’s what a member of our Chief Product Officer council said about their UX leader… Read more »

Startups are dying?

  When you work in the technology world it can feel like everyone is starting their own company. But it turns out that there are fewer startups in the United States than there used to be. Fewer? That sounds crazy, right?  The US has seen a long-term decline in business births, less  migration between states,… Read more »

Warren Buffett is Weird

Warren Buffett is weird. And the only way to truly appreciate his weirdness is to come out to Omaha for the annual ‘Woodstock of Capitalism’ – the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. Last night at the dinner kicking off my CEO workshop one of the CEOs introduced himself by talking about how we first met at… Read more »

Warren Buffett’s Billion-Dollar Lesson

About 99% of American management thinks that if they’re wonderful doing one thing that they’ll be wonderful at doing something else. – Warren Buffett   As I sit here in Omaha preparing for our sold-out CEO workshop tomorrow – Leadership Lessons from Warren Buffett – I am reflecting on this quote above about overconfidence and… Read more »

Slow Robot?

Are robots going to take your job tomorrow? Will massive unemployment due to robots become the norm in the United States soon? Marc Andreessen, Tim O’Reilly, and many other prominent tech/Silicon Valley leaders fear/hope the answer could be yes and are proposing a universal basic income (UBI) – i.e. a program where we send checks to all Americans… Read more »