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“If you’re even thinking about a job search, start here.”
– Marty Cagan, Silicon Valley Product Group

Ask for help to find a better job

Ask for help from customers

Ask for help from Warren Buffet
(I wrote a chapter in this book)


never search alone, and ask for help each step of the way

Based on 25 years of experience working with thousands of leaders – from early-career products managers, college students, VPs, SVPs, and CEOs – Never Search Alone gives readers a time-tested five-step process (with exercises, tools, and templates) to find the right job now.

Marty Cagan has written a terrific Foreword and my Preface explains how Phyl continuously iterated the book with thousands of job seekers over many years.  

Check out the Praise from many who used drafts to find good jobs or promotions.

Three breakthrough ideas animate Never Search Alone:

1. Job Search Council – Because your emotional balance is the most important thing you need to manage in the job search, you need a support group of fellow job seekers that will help turn your insecurity and anxiety into hope, motivation, and accountability.

2. Candidate-Market Fit – You are the ‘product’ in a job search. Thus, before you begin networking and interviewing, you need to identify precisely what you want and what the market wants. This key step will help you figure out the intersection of your hopes, dreams, and market realities.

3. Four Legs to the Negotiations Stool – Never Search Alone shows you how to interview and then negotiate for the four key things that will set you up to succeed in your new job: salary, budget, resources, and support.To accelerate your career and make your dreams more achievable, Never Search Alone. 

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