Choose Your Own Adventure – Spring 2024

Tue & Thu, Apr 16 & 18
3:30pm – 9pm(ish)

Philadelphia is a city rich in history, art, and culinary creations – as such, many of the adventures overlap two or even all three of these topics.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • All sessions come with dinner (no $$ required by members)
  • Each session is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Fri, March 29 is the deadline to register your session preferences (you rank your top 3)
  • While we try to give you a break after the day’s meetings, some CYOAs will have to start on the earlier side. Please make note of the lobby departure times when making your choice.
  • If the demand for an adventure is too small, we may end up canceling that adventure and assigning you to one of your other choices.
  • Details below


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An Entrepreneurial Taste of Philly Food Tour

Capacity: 30
Dinner: Multiple stops along the way!

Hop on a trolley and eat your way through Philadelphia’s various neighborhoods. Skipping by the commonly-visited Center City area, this food tour will take you to the outskirts of the city from small mom ‘n pop restaurants to hidden gems locals haven’t yet discovered.

This route highlights restaurants that were all 2023 Comcast RISE grant recipients and includes mezze dishes at an ethnic pizzeria, handheld Asian entrées, hors d’oeuvres from a collaborative café, and a take-home treat from Beyonce’s favorite Philly bakery.

Hear from the restauranteurs themselves about their personal backstories and how Comcast RISE has impacted their small businesses. Enjoy the historic and developing stories of Philly’s neighborhoods as we tour all corners of the city, and don’t be surprised if we take a pit stop along the way to spice things up!

This group departs from the Sofitel lobby at 3:45pm.

Founding Fathers & Mothers Walking Tour

Capacity: 15
Dinner: Sonny’s Famous Steaks

Take a walk back in time to learn about the people & places at the center of the world-changing events of 1776.

Our guide will lead us through Old City Philadelphia, including Independence Mall, home of the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the President’s House to learn about the people shaping our early republic.

You will then continue to Benjamin Franklin’s grave to learn about our favorite Philadelphian, Arch Street Meeting House to explore the role of the Quakers, Betsy Ross’ House where we get insight into the role of women, Elfreth’s Alley to meet the everyday people of revolutionary Philadelphia, and Christ Church, the place of worship for many prominent Philadelphians.

This tour consists of about 1 mile of walking and will conclude at Sonny’s Famous Cheesesteaks– because it wouldn’t be a trip to Philly without it!

Leaves from the hotel lobby at 3:45pm.

Post-Impressionist Art at the Barnes Foundation

Capacity: 12
Dinner: Jack’s Firehouse

The Barnes Foundation holds one of the world’s greatest collections of post-Impressionist and early modern art including works by Renoir, Cezanne, Matisse, and Picasso.

However, don’t expect your typical museum experience as you enter their doors. In fact, The Barnes is *not* a museum, but a school founded on the belief that art can teach us about human experiences that transcend time, geography, and culture.

This CYOA will host you for a one-of-a-kind program with Bill Perthes, the Bernard C. Watson Director of Adult Education, as he guides us through this private tour of a world-renowned collection. The adventure will finish at Jack’s Firehouse, featuring locally and seasonally sourced food in an old firehouse.

Leaves from the hotel lobby at 3:30pm.

Handbuilding at The Clay Studio

Capacity: 15
Dinner: More info coming soon!

The Clay Studio inspires curiosity and discovery around the art and craft of clay– drawing together students, artists, and an engaged public into a welcoming community. 

Founded in 1974 by five artists in need of a workspace, The Clay Studio was initially envisioned as a stepping-stone for students fresh out of art school. But within a short time, the Studio’s artists shifted their mission to one that also focused on embracing community engagement and education.

They now work in partnership with artists and the community to advance the ceramic arts as a force for good to build connections where all can flourish.

In this CYOA, members will get their hands dirty in the Intro to Hand-building class.

You’ll be guided by an instructor on how to work with Clay, and then have dinner in their spectacular rooftop overlooking the Philly skyline.

Leaves from the Sofitel lobby at 4:00pm.

*Cohort B Only*
Mental Health at the Magic Garden

Capacity: 10
Dinner: El Vez

Nestled within the heart of Philadelphia, the Magic Gardens stand as an enchanting testament to creativity and community. This vibrant mosaic wonderland, born from the visionary mind of artist Isaiah Zagar, transforms a once-neglected urban space into a kaleidoscopic oasis.

Zagar drew inspiration not only from the city’s pulse but also from the labyrinth of his own mind. As an artist navigating the ebb and flow of mental health challenges, Zagar channeled his experiences into the very essence of the Magic Gardens. Spanning half a block on South Street, the Magic Gardens captivate visitors with a mesmerizing tapestry of color, texture, and form.

On this adventure, you’ll be guided through the Gardens while learning about the space’s history and discovering surprises around every corner. You’ll also create your own mini-mosaic!

Afterward, enjoy dinner at El Vez — a delicious spot that celebrates Mexican cuisine through bold flavors, lively décor, and a festive atmosphere.

Leaves from the lobby at 3:45pm.

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