Help people you’ve laid off (or get help hiring)?

August 18, 2020

The “pancession” has meant some companies have done layoffs while others are hiring. 

While we will not facilitate any recruiting of members-with-jobs, we are happy, especially now, to help members support the people they’ve had to let go (and, alternatively, help others to hire them).

So, two questions:

1. Have you had to layoff any *great* colleagues because of this pandemic?

If yes, and, *if* you would like to recommend them to fellow Council members, then please enter the names of recommended laid-off colleagues here.  

2. Are you looking to hire *great* people?

If yes, here’s the always-being-updated list of recommended product, design, UX, and GM candidates.



P.S. I’m also working through the first draft of what I’m calling the “Mid-Career Job Seekers Playbook”, which shares what I’ve learned from coaching thousands of leaders-in-transition over the years. More soon.

P.P.S. We have a great talk coming up tomorrow. Email Britany if you’d like an invite.

Most Popular Recordings

Upcoming Sessions 

  • CG Life: The Hidden Power of Foods – Wed, Aug 19 @12pm ET
    Yung Fu, VP Product Management, Elemica
    Talk Type: Health/Wellness
    Audience/Roles: All Roles 

    Councils alum Yung Fu is the VP Product Management at Elemica (which recently acquired Eyefreight, that he co-founded). Yung and his wife, Shuk Yi, have been on a wellness journey after she had been ill and in chronic pain for over a decade. When her physician said was simply something she’d have to live with they took matters into their own hands. They’ve successfully diagnosed her illnesses and have cured her conditions with foods and nutrients based on nutrition science and the principles of epigenetics. 

    It’s clear that most of us, even as educated grown-ups, know so little about foods. Join us for this talk to hear their story, learn about the prevention of “old age”-diseases such as heart disease, cancer, depression, and dementia and how Yung and Shuk Yi are leveraging their knowledge to start a chain of fast-casual restaurants ( to promote nutrition and provide the tools to live a healthy, and longer, life. Email Britany if you’d like an invite

Recent Talks and Activity Recordings

  • The Pipeline Problem Is a Myth: Black and Brown Creatives Exist—I Am One of Them
    Antonio Garcia, VP of Diversity & Inclusion, AIGA Chicago
    Talk Type: In the Moment; Leadership Development; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (D, E & I)
    Audience/Roles: Strategy, Operations; HR; CX/UX

    Using his own life and 20+year career as a backdrop, Councils alum Antonio Garcia explored a range of topics—from design ethics to allyship—and practical ideas for how creative folk can better navigate work, life, and community-building. Drawing from personal experience as a Latino, design leader, and Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion for AIGA Chicago, Antonio shared stories and strategies everyone can immediately employ.
  • CG Life: New Zealand Eco Home Tour
    Auriga Martin, CEO, Forsyth Barr Limited
    Talk Type: Take A Break
    Audience/Roles: All Roles 

    Take a break from the world pandemic and step into Zoomtopia to join us for an eco-house build tour with member Auriga Martin and her husband Ed at their farm in New Zealand. Witness the slow-moving magic of the project in action, and see the result of going from designing “a practical square box” to their “dream home” and all of the fun trials and tribulations that come with it. With only a few months away from having their strawbale, off-grid, earth clay plaster home finished, they’re in the final stages and would love to share it with members.
  • Race in America: Pursuit of Happiness, Spoils of War
    Bo Kemp, Senior Director, Faegre Drinker Consulting
    Talk Type: In the Moment; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (D, E & I)
    Audience/Roles: All Roles

    What does “Race” mean in America? Few better to answer that than Bo Kemp, former COO of the City of Newark, senior advisor to mayors, and private equity investor. Why? The story of Bo’s family. Bo has spent years researching their ancestry.

    Between Bo and his wife, their genealogy reflects:
    – Earliest settlers to Virginia from England
    – Persecuted religious followers from the Netherlands and France
    – African slaves brought to the New World before 1700
    – Taino and Caribbean slaves brought to New Orleans from the islands
    – Native Mississippi delta Choctaw tribe.

    All the history of people, economic, immigration, migration, technology, cultural, and of course the spoils of war are reflected in the story of his family’s combined DNA. 

    “Pursuit of Happiness, Spoils of War” is Bo’s attempt to tell the unvarnished story of America using tangible examples of people, documents and stories to bring to life the amazing, complicated, troubled and triumphant story of the making of the United States. 
  • Getting Started with Visual Methods
    Summer Koide, Senior Director, New Ventures, Target
    Talk Type: Skill Builder/Practitioner
    Audience/Roles: All Roles

    If you’ve ever seen Graphic Recording live at a conference, or been the benefactor of a visual facilitator for an offsite or workshop, you may have seen the power that visuals can bring to any group setting. Council member Summer Koide from Target talks about why visuals work, how visuals can appear in your work, and instructs you through some hands-on practice. This session is designed for beginners and those interested in clearing the first hurdle in your visual journey. All you need is paper and a pen – bonus points if you scrounge up utensils in multiple colors.
  • ‘Summer is Coming’ – Kid Hacks
    Sarah Coles, Early Childhood Educator
    Talk Type: Family; Take A Break
    Audience/Roles: All Roles 

    Sarah Coles, a member of our extended Councils community is a kindergarten teacher and has found creative ways to keep her family busy during this quarantine. She spoke with our members about her “global travel” plans this summer as well as other ‘kid hacks’ you can use as a template for your families. Sarah’s boys are 13 and 10 but there was plenty that was applicable across the board that can cater to your unique family dynamic.
  • See talks from the last month and beyond here.

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Phyl Terry

Phyl Terry, Founder and CEO of Collaborative Gain, Inc., launched the company’s flagship leadership program – The Councils – in 2002 with a fellow group of Internet pioneers from Amazon, Google, and others. Thousands of leaders from the Internet world have come together in the last 15 years to learn the art of asking for help and to support each other to build better, more customer-centric products, services, and companies.

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