Mr. Buffett Wrote Back

April 19, 2022

I just got a great email.

Let me explain.

As many of you know, the last two years I have *not* been able to produce our annual trek/private conference at the Woodstock for Capitalists – the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting.

Well, this year we are going (and it’s sold out!).

In fact, it’s *next* week. 

This weekend I wrote to Warren Buffett to let him know that my tie-dyed group of CEOs, heads of product, and young people were coming out.

I gave him an update on WBRG (Warren Buffett Reading Group) — the free program that I started during the pandemic with fellow Harvard Business School alums. We teach young people the basics of business and finance using Buffett’s Shareholder Letters (and questions we’ve written) as our curriculum. 

And I let him know that four of the students who have read all his letters going back to 1978 will be presenting at our private conference along with me and the wonderful Don Graham (Don was the longtime CEO and Chairman of the Washington Post Company and close friend of Buffett’s — today he’s Chairman of Graham Holdings).

I specifically told Mr. Buffett about one student, McKenzie Williams, an African American young women who started reading Buffett’s letters with us in eighth grade and has now read *every* single letter (and as a 10th grader, she now helps to run the whole program as Registrar). 

After giving him these updates, I asked this 91-year old CEO and GOAT of business and finance if he would write a special message welcoming these young people to Omaha.

And guess what. 

He wrote back!


P.S. The CG Council meetings in Chicago last week went really well – preliminary NPS results show some of the highest scores ever received. More on that soon. In the meantime, below is a collage of some photos from our Tuesday night adventures all over the city with youth programs, Second City, and other Chicago hot spots.

Mickey's Harvest

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Phyl Terry, Founder and CEO of Collaborative Gain, Inc., launched the company’s flagship leadership program – The Councils – in 2002 with a fellow group of Internet pioneers from Amazon, Google, and others. Thousands of leaders from the Internet world have come together in the last 15 years to learn the art of asking for help and to support each other to build better, more customer-centric products, services, and companies.

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