Candidate-Market Fit? Open House Fri, Dec 23 @4pm ET?

December 13, 2022

Hey everyone,

Our next Open House is Fri, Dec 23 at 4pm New York time. 

We will focus on the Listening Tour and Candidate-Market Fit. 

1. If you want to join us, then register


2. If you have a good story to share – let me know!
Tell me about your Listening Tour/Candidate-Market Fit, and we can consider you as a guest (and, yes, you can be anonymous like we did with the negotiations session).

Taking time to conduct a Listening Tour is one of the most valuable tactics in Never Search Alone but many feel pressure to skip it because they want a job right away. 

That’s understandable – but slowing down to figure out your Candidate-Market Fit makes a big difference in finding a GOOD job faster. 

So, whether you are new to a Job Search Council, already in your search, thinking about it, or helping others, register via Zoom to join us Fri Dec 23 at 4pm NYC time.

Other news –

  • *100* Job Search Councils are now up and running – wow! Special thanks to our volunteer team led by Emily Teter for doing all the great work behind-the-scenes to make that possible (send Emily your thanks and wish her happy holidays)
  • 800+ people have downloaded the free tools (50 pages of tools, templates and examples)
  • ~700 people have signed up to be placed on Job Search Councils (JSCs) and have received free training and support
  • 1000s have attended our job search talks on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is producing (and promoting) a four-part series on Never Search Alone and our community with Phyl Terry that Marty Cagan will kick off in January

See you Friday, December 23 at 4pm NYC time.



P.S. We are throwing a big party in San Francisco for this community. It’s Thu, Feb 2 at 6pm hosted by our very good friends at Design Map. The $5 registration goes entirely to a food bank. Join us!

P.P.S. Links to previous open houses below.

Click to watch this recording

Job Seeker Open Houses

The Open Houses have been joyful, which is not something normally experienced in the job search.

You should definitely sign-up for the next one: Fri, Dec 23 at 4pm ET. 

  • Watch previous Open Houses:
    • Fri, Dec 9 – Passcode: ^t2Gy2PE (Job Mission with OKRs –> key to interviewing and negotiating)
    • Fri, Nov 18 (LinkedIn Live PM Series focused on Never Search Alone)
    • Fri, Nov 11 – Passcode: v4S!pBE9 (Two job seekers who just landed jobs talk about their whole process)
    • Fri, Oct 28 (Candidate-Market Fit, Job Search Councils, trust in the process)
    • Fri, Oct 14 (basics of Job Search Councils; ADHD and Never Search Alone)
    • Fri, Sep 30 (verbal offer withdrawn; and more topics etc.)
    • Fri, Sep 16 (Women joining Boards; Candidate-Market Fit, multiple stories and guests)
    • Tue, Sep 13 (Launch Party with 9 job seekers sharing stories – CEOs, VPs, ICs, etc.)

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