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“I wish I’d read this 10 years ago! That’s how great it is.”

Alan Webber, Co-founder, Fast Company
Stella & Dot

“From my perspective, Phil has a compelling message about why it is important for companies to really listen to their customers. He weaves in very relevant case studies of companies that have failed for not listening to customers and companies that have greatly exceeded expectations by taking insights from customers and turning them into product ideas that drive growth. His approach to developing innovative ideas within companies is spot on.”

Scott Booker, President, Stella & Dot

Finally, Phyl has taken all the advice that has helped me and so many others over the years and put it in writing. His book is as creative, insightful, and thoughtful as his professional advice. I recommend, without reservation, that this be your first step in your next job search!

Charlie Herrin, President – Technology, Comcast

“Phyl’s book was so relevant for me, it felt like I was reading a thriller — I couldn’t put it down. Every chapter has nuggets of wisdom and gave me a playbook that supported me through my job search. I’ve recommended this book to countless friends and former colleagues, and it’s my first gift to any-one who has been laid off. Don’t search alone — use Phyl’s book! You will get an amazing toolkit to find the right job for you now and set yourself up well for the future.”

Priya Mathew Badger, Principal Product Manager, GoPuff

Never Search Alone completely revolutionized my preconceived notions of the job-search process. The lessons of patience and self-advocacy helped me land my first full-time role out of undergrad — my dream job — and I have no doubt I’ll revisit this book again and again throughout my career.”

Maslyn P., University of Virginia Class of 2022

“This groundbreaking book is required reading for every job seeker. Surprising, practical, and full of examples informed by Phyl’s career working with thousands of executives, this book shows readers how to build a team to land a great job.”

Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School

Never Search Alone was an incredibly timely and invaluable read for me at a critical point in my career. This book is a fascinating departure from job search resources that center “the job” as the ultimate gain from the search process. In providing highly actionable tactics for taking control of your career, Phyl transformed my perspective on the process of landing a new role from something stress-filled and tedious, to a career-affirming journey of in-depth self-discovery. While jobs may come and go, Phyl effectively teaches the reader how to cultivate and nurture something of infinite value — a community of supporters who will advocate and advise you throughout the duration of your working life. I strongly believe this unique approach will lead job seekers not only to the role of a lifetime, but toward a career legacy marked by deep impact, rich relationships, and meaningful interpersonal connections.

Yetunde O. Duro-Emanuel, Venture Partner at Republic, Product Manager at Everly Health

“If you are like me, then you’ll be sorry you didn’t read this book during your last job search. Make sure you read it for your next one.”

Craig Hopkins, CIO, City of San Antonio

“The job search can be really lonely, but Phyl teaches us how to build a village of support as a way to find roles we really love.”

Linda Jiang,  Designer, Creatable World (first gender-inclusive doll), Mattel

“Phyl offers an actionable ‘how-to’ playbook for not just landing a job (or promotion), but making the right move and getting the resources you need to succeed. You’ll never think about promotions or job searching the same!”

Jason Jedlinski, SVP Product Management, Wall Street Journal

Never Search Alone provides a simple yet powerful approach for anyone working through a career change or their next role. It certainly inspired and guided me.”

Karen Brewer, Chief Marketing Officer & EVP, fabric

Never Search Alone is a practical, thoughtful guide to finding your dream job.”

Kerry Cooper, Board of Directors PG&E, UpStart

“Whether you want a bigger job, more money, more time with family, or a career switch, read this book. Execute the advice. You will be far better off for it.”

Michael Newton, VP of Product, Nike

Never Search Alone is an invaluable resource — Phyl channels experience helping thousands of job seekers into one of the most useful guides I’ve seen on the subject. I benefited from this book, and I know you will too.”

David Rabkin, EVP, Head of Small Business Card, Capital One

Never Search Alone was instrumental in helping me find the right job for moving my career forward. Phyl Terry’s instructions on effective negotiation (beyond just salary), evaluating cultural fit, and several other tips were inspiring. But the real game-changer for me came from his exploration of how and why to establish a strong community of fellow job-seekers. For anyone looking for a new job (or promotion), this book is the right place to start.”

Corleen Heidgerken, Director of Product, Glassdoor

Never Search Alone helped me get an internal promotion by supporting me through my hesitations, guiding and facilitating alignment conversations, and improving my confidence and preparation throughout the process — from outlining my job mission, to negotiating salary and resources. I will return to this book again and again throughout my career.”

Shaelyn Clements, VP of Customer Experience, Arc XP,  Washington Post

“Surprisingly, 99% of people (including me) get job searching wrong. This incredibly insightful book will open your eyes to the simple, powerful, game-changing rightway to not just finding a job but to managing your whole career.”

Victor Cho, CEO, Evite

“This is such an important book for this ‘Great Resignation’ moment when people are seeking more purposeful lives. Phyl’s Never Search Alone gives job seekers the courage, hope, and practical advice to find better roles with more pay and with a little more joy and meaning.”

Chip Conley, New York Times Bestselling Author; Founder, Modern Elder Academy

“While I have worked in the talent and people space for my entire career, I had never thought to ask for help during my own career searches. Phyl’s book, Never Search Alone, changed my approach and helped me land some great jobs. I recommend this book to every job seeker out there.”

KC Jorgensen, Chief People Officer, StyleSeat

“Everyone asks me why I rave about this book. I tell them it’s like AA for product leaders. It helps you do the impossible: find your dream job (or promotion).”

Seth Roe, SVP, Product, MyFitnessPal

Never Search Alone is like the best friend who will tell you the hard truth when you need to hear it. It helped me realize that I had not been thought-ful about my career choices in the past, and it empowered me to be choosey and thoughtful about my next move. Armed with the tools from Phyl’s book and a Job Search Council to support me along the way, I ended up finding a job that fits my strengths, challenges me in the right ways, and removes the things I had hated most about previous jobs. Oh yeah — and it pays much better!”

Lily Inman Wilson, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Angi

Never Search Alone has helped me with every phase of the job searching pro-cess from the job profile exercise and homing in on what I was looking for to practical advice on interviewing and salary negotiations. But most importantly, joining a Job Search Council, as is recommended in the book, has connected me with some amazing women in my profession, and we continue to support and learn from each other in our new jobs.”

Deena Minwalla, Director of Product, KQED

“This book is rooted in real practical lessons Phyl has been teaching for years. More importantly, the advice herein has doubled salaries, taken people out of the misery of dead-end jobs, and given people hope about finding a bet-ter career. Don’t go into any job search alone. Buy this book and advance your career.”

Troy Anderson, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Schlesinger Group

Never Search Alone is an insightful, easy to follow, must-read guide for anyone searching for their next andbest job.”

Michael Blank, SVP Player Network, Electronic Arts

“Looking for a promotion or new job inside your current company? Then read this book. Never Search Alone helped me identify what is important in my current career and uncover opportunities I didn’t even know were possible. Amazing.”

Josh Wiley, Director, Wine & Spirits Sales, Constellation Brands

“Upon reading this book, you’ll shake your head at what you were doing — romanticizing job postings and glossing up resumes for robots, instead of purposefully executing on a real career strategy of happiness and reward. Phyl has his finger on the pulse of what it takes to have a you-to-opportunity fit in a more connected world.”

Bill Holman, Director of Customer Experience, University of Phoenix

Never Search Alone is a modern, pragmatic, relatable, and actionable guide to taking your career to the next level. It goes beyond explaining how to get hired; it also teaches you to identify the role — and the employer — that’s right for your own unique situation. Following Phyl’s advice will accelerate your career, no matter what stage you’re at today.”

Agata Celmerowski, Founder, Velocity by Design

“I just started a search for what’s next in my career and found your book to be an amazing resource.  I love the way you take startup concepts and apply them to a job search.  I am already using the approaches in the book in my search and in fact, have a call with a recruiter next week where I look forward to asking the ‘where can you see me’ questions. This book will be a definite recommend to any friends and family that are looking for something in the future.”

Bill Hauschen, Sr. Director – Decision Science and Analytics (People and Marketing), Best Buy

Never Search Alone is incredible. It really spoke to me and addressed the hesitation I’ve had searching alone. Phyl has woven his trademark kindness, empathy, and intuitiveness into a clear, practical blueprint that leverages the magical ingredient of community support at its core. Frankly, the message is much bigger than the book.”

Abigail Muraskin, Job Seeker and former Head of Strategy and Digital Business Development at Associated Press

“As relevant to me as for the people I mentor and manage, Never Search Alone provides practical step-by-step career advice. Highly recommended for anyone, especially those not yet searching.”

Jeff Kupietzky, CEO, Jeeng

“Phyl’s motto ‘Never Search Alone’ is a gift to all. The members of my Job Search Council (one of Phyl’s key recommendations) were a godsend in helping me go through the ups and downs of the job search. We were one another’s support whether we needed quick feedback, to practice a presentation, prepare for an interview, or negotiate an offer. We held ourselves accountable and helped one another get unstuck, even giving me confidence to say no to opportunities that weren’t the right fit. All this goodness is embodied in Phyl’s book. Gift someone the gold: ensure no one searches alone.”

Paige Nesis, Chief of Staff to the President, Moody’s Investors Service

“Following the steps in Never Search Alone led to a better outcome in my job search as well as more confidence and less anxiety as I went through it. The time I spent up front to hone my story, get feedback from prior managers and from my Job Search Council, made me more able to articulate my unique value and the kind of role I was looking for. As a result, the hardest part ended up deciding between two interesting job offers. I ended up taking the somewhat riskier job offer because it felt more aligned to my career goals and desire for adventure. I am now six months into that job, and am loving it. I will buy this book for anyone I know going through a job search. It is a must-read.”

Kimarie Matthews, EVP Customer Engagement, Bank of Hawaii

“Phyl has taught me the incredible power of asking for help and now his book, Never Search Alone, provides readers a practical roadmap for charting their future.”

Loren Mayor, COO, World Wildlife Fund

Never Search Alone provides practical step-by-step instructions for building a Job Search Council that is like your best friend when dating — they will tell you how to go for the “right one” AND make sure you are set up to succeed when you get there. Phyl offers real-world examples of how this method has worked time and again. It’s proven, approachable, and will surely become a go-to manual for professionals everywhere.”

Ashley Moran, Executive Director of Experience Design, Comcast

Never Search Alone is a groundbreaking book that offers a powerful and unconventional approach to finding a great job. Further, it’ll not only help you find the best new job, but will strengthen and expand your network in a powerful way.”

John Seebeck, Vice President and GM, Digital, CDW

“Do you want clarity on your career path andamazing jobs with higher pay and increased satisfaction? Then follow this book’s step-by-step approach. It will change your life.”

Andy Cerio, VP Product, Target

“Phyl’s approach not only made it possible for me to get this great job, but it set me up to hit the ground running. This book is a mustread.”

Justin Cinicolo, VP Game Design, Dapper Labs

“Lots of wisdom here and sound advice for any job seeker.”

Rob Schmults, General Partner, Blockchange Ventures

“For most of my early career, being part of a job search felt like being swept away in a river — getting caught up in the current, ping-ponging downstream until I just “landed.” Enter the remarkable Phyl Terry. I have been lucky to have Phyl’s mentorship and coaching as I’ve navigated recent career moves. Having Phyl’s framework and community-driven expertise applied to a job search will completely shift the way you think about job opportunities. What is the “right” fit? How can you find that sweet spot where your skills are being utilized and your goals are being fulfilled? Phyl’s techniques can be used in the earliest part of a career (honestly, the sooner the better) and as someone navigating a seasoned career. It is time to reimagine how we invest in this critical process and connect job searching to a proven methodology. It is time to not go it alone. And it is time to feel good once you land.”

Debbie Kristofferson, VP Consumer Marketing, Included Health

“This book is required reading — a 10 out of 10. The logic, the stories, the steps provide everything needed to find and negotiate a great promotion or new job!”

Aaron Cooper, CEO, Groupon

“For years now, Phyl’s advice has helped me grow my career. That’s why I say that anyone looking to get promoted or find a new job needs to buy, read, and put this book into practice!”

Peter DeFrancesco, SVP, Head of Personal Investing, John Hancock

“Follow this book step-by-step, and it will transform your job search and your career.”

Lance Willett, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Tumblr

“This is one of the  best books on the job search. It’s practical, inspiring, fun to read — and helped me tremendously. I recommend it to anyone looking  for their next job (or promotion).”

Sarah Kasten, Chief People Officer, Elation Health

“Engaging and insightful, Never Search Alone is a helpful, practical guide for anyone looking for their next job (or promotion).”

Andy Chu, SVP Product and Technology Incubation, Providence

“I owe a huge debt of gratitude to this book and to its core recommendation to set up a Job Search Council — that led directly to a great job that I’m lov-ing. The groundbreaking methods of this book will soon be known as best practices for anyone looking to truly evolve their professional life!”

Rob Anderson, VP Product Experience, Mayvenn

Never Search Alone has a ton of tools and resources that helped me every step of the way and ultimately led to a new role that I am incredibly excited about. If you are starting a job search, this book is a must have.”

Cathleen Swallow, Director of Product Development, Well Health, Inc.

“This book is an excellent guide to help you think about your career objec-tives, learn how to ask for help, and get what you need for your own personal growth and success.”

Kathy Marryat, Business Coach and Strategic Leader, 20+ year American Express executive

“I have worked with Phyl for more than 15 years. I have seen him consistently provide thoughtful, substantive, and truly pragmatic help to many people in their quests to further their careers. This book is an incredibly valuable col-lection of all that expertise and advice in one place. I strongly recommend it.”

Martin Murrell, COO, Amalgamated Bank

“Job searchers — whether in business, academia, government, or non-profit — who read Phyl’s book will learn to leverage the wisdom of others and thus handle better the tricky but necessary work of finding a new job.”

Paul Cartledge, A.G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture Emeritus, University of Cambridge

“It’s brilliantly simple, and it works! Apply this proven playbook that consistently delivers world-class products to your own job search (or internal promotion).”

Darren Brelesky, SVP Product, CBS Sports

“Heartfelt and uplifting are not usually the first words that come to mind for a jobseeker’s guide, but they are for this one. Well-structured, with principles and ideas that stem from Phyl’s expertise in coaching leaders, this book helps not just job seekers but those looking to grow in their jobs. I often come back to Phyl’s wise insights to guide my relationships with colleagues, students, and friends. A joy to read!”

Johanna Bokedal, Religious Studies Lecturer, NLA University College (Norway)

“Wish you had a team of advisors to help with your next big career move? Phyl’s book offers actionable guidance to deliver your career dreams!”

Nicole Cox, VP of Marketing, 1800Contacts

Never Search Alone is the book you’ll wish you’d read years ago. With wise and empathetic advice for anyone looking to figure out their next move (and aren’t we all?), Phyl’s book provides hard-won lessons from his massive network of successful executives. If you’re part of the Great Resignation or just looking to get ahead, get this book now.”

Bruce Upbin, VP Policy & Communications, Zest AI; former Managing Editor, Forbes

Never Search Alone helps you identify your passions, interests and, most importantly, your value. It’s the career-growth mentor that you didn’t know you were missing!”

Emily Teter, Product Manager, CDW

“I’ve learned how asking for help and building a village of support can be a way of life, and that has changed everything for me — including finding great jobs and making me happier.”

Heather Fisher-O’Neill, Writer, Poet, Editor, Adjunct Professor

“This book provides advice you won’t find elsewhere — how to truly fortify your job search (or life change) with your own panel of experts, build confi-dence and shape your plan, and achieve results better than you’d have sought on your own. Phyl’s advocacy of the “asking for help” model has done wonders in my own career — widening my aperture with every new pursuit!”

Summer Koide, Senior Director, Hybrid Work, Target

Never Search Alone not only gives you the insight and plan needed to land your dream job, but also the tools to make sure you’re going to be a success in that role. Phyl has written a book filled with extraordinary job search wisdom that you will no doubt pass on to your family and friends.”

Mike Stacy, CEO, ID90 Travel

Never Search Alone challenges conventional thinking on how to take the next step in your career. Phyl’s thoughtful approach provides the framework and tools to find the job of your dreams.”

Craig Sauerwalt, Vice President, T. Rowe Price

“Jam-packed with useful tools, innovative exercises, and a wealth of wisdom, this book will not only change the way you search for your next job, but it will also completely transform your professional journey!”

Sara Meis, Director of Client Engagement, Goosman Law Firm

“A refreshing and insightful perspective on approaching and succeeding in the modern-day job search. Forming a Job Search Council (JSC) was a game-changer, and Phyl’s advice on negotiating paved the way for an offer that recognized my full potential while positioning me for success in my new role.”

Mike Parker, SVP Transportation and Logistics, Wave6; 17-year veteran of Union Pacific Railroad

Never Search Alone is a great guide for how to tap into the power of com-munity to navigate your career.”

Bonnie Lai, General Manager, Lumere

“This book will help you build a job search plan, ask for help to make that plan even better, andhelp others along the way. It’s a thoughtful, structured, and human-centered approach to searching for a new job that I have found invaluable!”

Tabitha Dunn, Chief Customer Officer, Ericsson

“A must-read for those who are hardwired to do things on their own, Phyl’s book provides a practical step-by-step plan to get the best results out of your next job search!”

Andy Wadhwa, VP Product, Freedom Financial Network

“An absolute joy to read, this book provides practical examples and resources that will teach you how to ask for help to develop your academic or business career.”

Jessica Jane Nocella, Postdoctoral Fellow in Linguistics, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)

“The world will help you find your dream job when you harness the ideas and strategies in this playbook.”

James Patterson, CEO Dreamteams

Never Search Alone is a brilliant collection of Phyl’s time-tested best prac-tices to figure out who you want to be professionally, get a great job, set you up for success in a new role, and get the critical emotional support needed for this journey.”

Peter Nush, Vice President, Product Management, Comcast Cable

“Phyl’s been a constant real-world innovator in executive peer councils since I first met him more than 20 years ago, and now he’s brought that same thought leadership to finding and landing your perfect next job. This book is a must-read for anyone who ever plans to have a ‘next job.”

Lou Weiss, CEO, SubMachinery

“Phyl Terry is an amazing individual and has put years of knowledge into one book. I have personally benefited from Phyl’s coaching and the exercises he lays out so well for readers to digest and act on to achieve their career goals.”

Bill Staikos, SVP — Industry Solutions, Medallia

“Phyl’s philosophy and practical advice have helped me throughout my career, from small steps to big leaps, and I continue to benefit enormously from his mission to help others succeed.”

Jason Randall, President and CEO, AppFolio Inc.

Never Search Alone transforms the job-search process from a confusing and individual effort into one that’s clear and community-based. The creative and well-founded approach will really open your eyes. Follow the guidance here to enjoy the search process andget a better outcome!”

Morgan Hays, Construction Solutions, Autodesk

“This is a wonderful book not only in helping you find and succeed in your next job search, but also in turning yourself into a humble and a happy person.”

Tomoya Nakamura, President, GLOBIS USA

“Anyone who wants to maximize their chances of landing their next best job should read this book — now. It’s helped me, and I know it will help you.”

Isabelle Meyer Stapf, SVP, Product, Well Health

Never Search Alone gives readers the tools to slow down and take deliber-ate actions. As a high school student looking forward to securing a summer internship, I find the strategies helpful for my search!”

McKenzie W., Phillips Academy Andover ’24

“Phyl has given us a gift that leverages his super-powers as a human being. He understands that mutual respect, reciprocity, love, and kindness are the characteristics that are the hallmarks of the future world. In this case the gift is this book that I plan on recommending for everyone considering a new job whose path I cross. This tool is like a secret unlock that will guide those using it to a seemingly unfair advantage in the job marketplace.”

Pedraum Pardehpoosh, Director of Product, Airbnb

whose path I cross. This tool is like a secret unlock that will guide those using it to a seemingly unfair advantage in the job 

“My career advice to anyone looking for a job is simple: buy Phyl’s book. It’s full of practical advice and real world 21st-century examples that will help anyone find a great job in this digital economy.”

Mandy Ginsberg, Board Member Uber and ThredUp, former CEO Match Group

“When I was thinking of taking what I had learned after several years at Amazon and accepting a great opportunity at a start-up, I turned to Phyl and his great advice, which helped me think about what I love to do in my work and put the start-up opportunity in the right perspective. If you are thinking of next steps in your career, buy this book!”

Elvis Dieguez, Chief Technology Officer, unybrands

“Looking for a job is often a lonely and tortuous affair. But it doesn’t have to be. Phyl Terry teaches you how to build a support council that can guide you every step of the way — helping you assess the right roles, preparing for interviews, and negotiating an offer. Read this book, and you’ll never face the job-search process alone again.”

Teresa Torres, Author, Continuous Discovery Habits
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