How I Built Never Search Alone

January 18, 2022

Hey everyone,

I want to share some good news: the manuscript of my next book, Never Search Alone: The Job Seeker’s Playbook is done and submitted as of 8:58am NYC time today, Tue, Jan 18, 2022 (publication will be in a few months – more soon on that).


To celebrate, I’d like to share with you how I built this book – and I use the verb “build” because I treated this like a software development project with English as my programming language.

As such, you will not be surprised to hear I did *not* write this alone. 

Like with any good product development, I included customers. 

First, Never Search Alone, is based on coaching more than 2,000 job and promotion seekers over the last 25 years. 

Then five years ago, before I started to write down and structure what I had learned from all those job seekers, I conducted 250+ in-depth interviews with a range of people (including many of you) from college students to CEOs. 

After that, as I began writing, I asked more than 250 job seekers to read and put into practice early versions of the book. These early users included college students looking for their first full-time jobs, early-career professionals looking for their first promotion, mid-career professionals finding Dir/VP/SVP/CEO roles (including board seats), and even a few people retiring from full-time work.

Along the way, these job (and promotion) seekers provided more than 2,500 pieces of feedback, which I then used to iterate through more than *400* major and minor drafts. 

As a result, this morning I submitted the well-honed 401st draft. 

Special thanks to many, many including many of you, *and* to Marty Cagan.

Marty has believed in me and our community for 20 years, and has done so much for this book including writing the Foreword.

Happy new year!


About the Author

Phyl Terry

Phyl Terry, Founder and CEO of Collaborative Gain, Inc., launched the company’s flagship leadership program – The Councils – in 2002 with a fellow group of Internet pioneers from Amazon, Google, and others. Thousands of leaders from the Internet world have come together in the last 15 years to learn the art of asking for help and to support each other to build better, more customer-centric products, services, and companies.

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