Members tell us that CG is one of the most valuable things they do to advance
their careers and companies.

“Collaborative Gain does a terrific job of bringing world-class executives together from different industries to really learn from each other to build and market great products and strategies.”

Amy Butler, President, Biosciences,Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Councils are incredibly valuable. Every executive that qualifies should join.

Aisling Hassell, VP of Global CX, Airbnb; Board Member Aer Lingus

“The Collaborative Gain community is unlike any other I have found.  The opportunity to seek insights and share experiences with thought leaders across multiple industries is a true game changer.  The confidential nature of the conversations allows deep discussions that really make a difference professionally and personally.  Collaborative Gain has made me a better human; I am truly thankful for this incredible group.”

Neville Letzerich, VP and Chief Marketing Officer – Cisco Security, Cisco

“Collaborative Gain is inspirational, thought provoking, *and* provides a safe space for executives to get help on *any* question. There’s nothing like it. If you qualify, you should join.”

Uchi Mattiuzzi, Vice President, Global Market Development, Biosciences, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“…great forum for creating passion around the customer/resident.”

Craig Hopkins, CIO, City of San Antonio (and former senior executive, USAA)

“It’s wonderful to have this very supportive group.”

Kimarie Matthews, EVP, Bank of Hawaii

“Despite my hectic schedule, I prioritize my participation year after year because it’s the most valuable thing I do outside the office (and with the long-term participation of my fellow members we keep deepening our learning and knowledge as time goes on).”

Ken Surdan, Chief Product Officer, Diligent

“I’ve been a Collaborative Gain member for fifteen years.  It’s been my constant companion — as a leader at a breakthrough startup, in executive positions in retail and healthcare public companies, and now as a founder. My council, peers, and coaches have been with me every step of the way. It’s a no regrets membership. Collaborative Gain feeds the soul and has been an essential part of my development both at work and in life.”

Sean Murphy, Founder, HyThere

“CG is the best source of guidance and counsel I have received as a leader. When I am stuck with a professional or personal problem, the Collaborative Gain community of smart peers and career coaches have provided insights and potential solutions, from relevant experience, that have helped me navigate my professional journey. This is a wonderful community of amazing leaders.”

Andy Cerio, Managing Director – Global Engineering Experiences, J.P.Morgan Chase & Co.
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