Our Values

We are a values-driven community—our values include (and this is not in priority order—these are all top priority for us):

1. Customers (and others) included

Our members, our moderators, our wide team – we share a commitment to including our customers in everything we do (for more see our book, Customers Included).

2. Asking for help as a leadership discipline

We understand that asking for help is a leadership activity; that having a safe trusted environment where we can be vulnerable, show what we don’t know, celebrate our mistakes and ask for help is critical to our success and to the success of our companies. (For more on this see our Harvard Business Review article, “Who Can Help the CEO?”,  or see Phil’s TEDx talk).

3. Humility

Humility is an important value—humility helps us stay close to our customers, employees and peers—and enables continuous learning. We help each other be humble as we lead and learn (again, see Phil’s TEDx talk).

4. Listening (active)

We also believe that listening is more important than talking.

5. Trust

We care about each other at the company, we care about our customers and we hope they care about their fellow members, their employees and their customers. We aim to create an environment that makes it easier for all of us to create bonds of trust and enhance our ability to lead and have an impact.

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