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June 8, 2020

I’m writing with an invitation.

Antoine Joyce, a national activist and community organizer, is answering the question tomorrow:  what can *we* do about racism and police brutality? 

He’ll address, among other things:

— Internet leaders and racism
Antoine has built inner-city youth programs with business leader support (and internships) and has taught white business leaders about their own racism (and institutional racism) and what they can do about it.

—  Cops and Kids
He’s also built programs that bring cops and kids together — to perform improv comedy together if you can believe it. It’s powerful.

Would you like to join us tomorrow Tue, Jun 9 at 12pm NYC to hear what Antoine has to say?

Would you like to invite any of your team?

If yes, click here to sign-up and join the broader CG Councils community for this important conversation.



P.S. Here are two articles Antoine wrote or has been quoted in: 

Hard conversations about race
OpEd by Antoine Joyce (published in the Dallas Morning News last week)

AT&T and its brethren pushed through tax cuts in 2017. Will they tackle racial justice now?
Antoine is quoted extensively given his significant work bringing African American youth and corporate leaders together around the country

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