Warren Buffett’s Secret Power

In my CEO workshop today here in Omaha – the day before Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, I will stress to the CEOs present the one key secret to Buffett’s success. Before I describe that secret here, I first need to digress and explain the paradox at the heart of behavioral economics. As most readers know, behavioral economics has… Read more »

What Silicon Valley Needs to Learn from Warren Buffett – Part 1

I’m taking CEOs from Silicon Valley and elsewhere to Omaha later this week for a private (sold-out) workshop followed by the “Woodstock of Capitalism” – the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. I’m doing this because tech and other non-financial leaders have a lot to learn from the Chairman and Vice Chairman… Read more »

Kicking off the Collaborative Gain general session and celebrating!

Kicking off the Collaborative Gain general session and celebrating! Two years ago we made a bet that we could rejuvenate the councils and deepen this community. We had 180 members then and today we have almost twice that. And not just more members but wonderful, humble, passionate (about customers and employees and about asking for help and… Read more »

Great Training Day

Playful Collaborative Gain team photo from our training day today (wonderful day and a *wonderful* team). We focused on advanced skills in creating trust-based environments for leaders to ask each other for help (special tx to Performance of a Lifetime! – Phil

Slow Agile Movement?

Over 200 museums participated in Slow Art Day last weekend – my annual global event designed to help people (including product managers) learn how to look at and love art [Photo credit: Ashmolean Museum at Oxford University). Slow Art Day is a counter-cultural provocation to the fast-paced, multi-tasking world we live in – and especially… Read more »