Happy Slow Art Day Eve!

April 1, 2022

Happy Slow Art Day Eve!

I want you to consider slowing down tomorrow, Sat, Apr 2. 

You can attend one of the hundreds of events all over the world for Slow Art Day, which I launched in 2010, or you can simply decide to  slow down. 

I founded Slow Art Day as an antidote to the screen-based fast-paced multi-tasking world we were all creating back in the 2000s (Apple and Facebook were both clients when I first came up with the idea).

So, tomorrow, go outdoors. 

Look at some trees or public art. 

Visit a museum.



Do yoga.

Be smart. Put your phone down.

Do *not* check Facebook or Instagram.

Read a book in print.

Hug your family.

Make a meal.

Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

Be grateful.

And, most of all, have a happy and *slow* day.



P.S. Council meetings are in just over one week. First time we will be in person since fall of 2019. To celebrate, I plan to paint my fingernails Collaborative Gain logo colors. If you are up for joining me with some fun nail coloring of your own, let me know.

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Phyl Terry

Phyl Terry, Founder and CEO of Collaborative Gain, Inc., launched the company’s flagship leadership program – The Councils – in 2002 with a fellow group of Internet pioneers from Amazon, Google, and others. Thousands of leaders from the Internet world have come together in the last 15 years to learn the art of asking for help and to support each other to build better, more customer-centric products, services, and companies.

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