I’m Not Just the Founder, I’m also a Member

Sep 27, 2022

Hey everyone,

I’m just back from my own Council meeting.

Yes, that’s right. I’m not just the founder of CG Councils, but I’m also a member (anyone remember that old “Hair Club for Men” commercial?).

Our CEO Council met for the first time on Mon, Dec 19, 2005. Since then we’ve been meeting every six weeks by zoom (initially audio-conference) and then in-person twice a year. 

We have helped each other navigate a whole plethora of business predicaments. Most recently, when the pandemic hit, we did *daily* calls with each other.

In the course of our long history, one member started one firm, shut it down, started a second one and today is approaching tens of million in revenue (and could go 10x higher in the coming years).

Another member has built companies, sold them, bought them back for pennies on the dollar, and then sold them again. 

One has run their business through the dotcom downturn, the Great Financial Crisis, and the pandemic and could grow to $100 or $200 million in revenue. They are one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. 

I’ll refer to him as Jed.

But like really smart people everywhere, Jed has some blind spots (sometimes more than the rest of us mere mortals). 

So, Jed came to us this time with a problem. And it’s a problem we’ve heard him talk about many times over the years. 

There’s just no replacement for what we can do with how well we know Jed and this problem. We’ve said a number of things over the years that did not break through.This time I think we finally got through. 

It’s not easy to let others push you like this, but it’s oh so important – especially if you want to make more money (and, dare I say, be happier).

Jed left relieved and energized. 

We all did.

All of us, me and Jed included, would easily admit that whatever business success we’ve had has been amplified and supported by this group. 

For example, as I iterated through 400 drafts and six long years of creating Never Search Alone, they did not let me write alone (and that made all the difference).

This professional and business impact, however, doesn’t include the depth of personal relationships we have with each other.

We have been there for each of us through divorce, death, sickness, and child-rearing challenges.

My own mom launched her first Council in 1960 and they met for *50* years until the year before she died.

So, 17 down for us, 33 more years to go.

The rest of the Councils meet in La Jolla in just under two weeks and I can’t wait to see many of you.

I hope you ask for help (and get as much help) as I did in my own meeting.

And I hope you continue long enough with your Council to witness the kind of personal and professional longitudinal impact that I’ve experienced. 



P.S. Never Search Alone and the volunteer-based movement I’m building around it is going well. More below.

The book

– Great news: Never Search Alone continues to be #1 in key categories on Amazon *and* the hardcover is finally available for Prime next day delivery.

– If you missed it, then I strongly recommend you watch the Launch Party I held on LinkedIn. “Amazing”, “Kinetic”, “Inspiring” – just some of what people said to me about this. 

Upcoming Live Appearances

– New York Book Launch Party
Wed, Sep 28
Upper West Side
(this is at the private home of a member and is “sold out” – if you would like to host one in the NY area, then let me know!)

– Job Seeker Open House
Fri, Sep 30 (bi-weekly on Fridays at 4pm ET)
4pm ET
Sign-up: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6977976576122462209/

– Boston Book Launch Brunch
Sun, Oct 2 (11a to 1pm)
Lexington, MA
(email me if you want an invitation to attend)

– Job Search Council Orientation
Thu, Oct 6 (and bi-weekly after that)
7pm ET
This is for everyone who has signed up to join a Job Search Council or is thinking of doing so.
Register: https://collaborativegain.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYkcuChqD4pEtD5Ih242K86zhe3KTME_B2N#/registration

– Never Search Alone and Find the Job You Love
LinkedIn Product Management Learning Series (hosted by LinkedIn)
November 18, 2022
12pm ET
Sign-up: https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:6977411723313958912/


– Future of Retail
Phyl Terry revolutionizes the executive job search with his new book “Never Search Alone”

– Local Maximum
Phyl Terry: Never Search Alone

– SaaS Scaled
Planned for November

Note: if you are a podcaster, or know a podcaster – then I’d be happy to be on your show to help spread the word.

Community and Free Tools

  • Free job search council placement and support 
    Volunteers are now donating time to help place job seekers in Job Search Councils. They are also helping to train the job seekers who volunteer to moderate each JSC.
  • 50 pages of free tools and templates
    We have over 50 pages of free tools and templates and volunteers are donating time and expertise to constantly update and expand this library.
  • LinkedIn support group
    We have started a support group on LinkedIn for all job seekers. Volunteers are helping to welcome new members, moderate the community, and promote participation.
  • Bi-weekly open houses 
    We are running bi-weekly open houses to support job seekers and build community and support. Volunteers are helping to program and promote these sessions.
  • Monitoring layoffs and reaching out to companies/people
    Volunteers are reaching out to companies and individuals who have been laid off — offering our *free* resources and community to help them.

Do you (or someone you know) need help? 

Please come join us and take advantage of this whole community with a heart that we are building.

And, separately, if you want to help, then reach out. 

Together let’s help the millions of job seekers who today (and tomorrow) will need our support to never search alone.

About the Author

Phyl Terry

Phyl Terry, Founder and CEO of Collaborative Gain, Inc., launched the company’s flagship leadership program – The Councils – in 2002 with a fellow group of Internet pioneers from Amazon, Google, and others. Thousands of leaders from the Internet world have come together in the last 15 years to learn the art of asking for help and to support each other to build better, more customer-centric products, services, and companies.

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